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Alpha Warranty Introduces the Alpha Claims Tracker for Customer Claims

Salt Lake City, UT – The Alpha Claims Tracker was released today by Alpha Warranty Services, Inc. (AWS). This innovative tool allows customers, dealers and agents to simply and easily track their claims in real-time.

The Alpha Claims Tracker allows the user to view which step of the process the claim is in, similar to how you would track a package.  A detailed description of what is happening during that step is also provided so that the user is fully aware of what is being done to complete the repairs on their vehicle. Additionally, an explanation of the next step in the process will be provided.

“Meaningful Innovation is part of our company’s mission. With that in mind, we set out to build a tool to give our customers the ability to track their claims online (mobile friendly). Our goal was to provide a way for them to stay completely updated on the progress of their claim without having to call Alpha or the repair facility” says Jeff Robinson, VP of Risk & Operations at Alpha Warranty.

Along with the mobile friendly user portal, they will be able to receive status updates by email and text message. The Alpha Claims Tracker also provides a complete history of the claim and provides the user with information on who is preforming the next step (i.e. the Repair Facility or the Dealer) helping to reduce confusion. If any questions remain, the user will be able to instantly live chat with a Customer Service Representative.

“Our goal is to always find ways to improve the customer experience, especially when filing a claim. The claims process in this industry can be an overwhelming and stressful process for a customer. We’ve worked for years though to eliminate that frustration and the Alpha Claims Tracker takes the customer experience to a whole new level,” says Jeremy Lindsey, COO at Alpha Warranty Services. “Being able to know the current status of your claim, who is responsible to move the claim forward, and what’s left in the claims process, really minimizes the unknown when filing a claim. And the great thing is that our customers will have all this information at their fingertips without the need to pick up the phone.” 

Alpha Warranty is built on innovation and bringing the right tools to the customers, dealerships and agents who partner with them. Alpha Warranty is based in Salt Lake City, UT with VSC plans available in all 50 states.

For additional information about Alpha Warranty Services, Inc. please visit www.AlphaWarranty.com or contact Darin Ramos at 1.800.662.5519 Ext. 217.

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